Przemysław Mysiala (MMA 18-9-1) podczas sobotniej gali Shock n Awe 22 w angielskim Portsmouth, pokonał przez TKO w pierwszej rundzie zawodnika gospodarzy Ryana White (MMA 10-8) zdobywając tym samym pas mistrza wagi ciężkiej.

The New Shock N Awe Heavy weight Champion

A massive congratulations to The Polish Bear Przemyslaw 'The Polish Bear' Mysiala for a great first round KO of the very tough Ryan White, it was a great performance and a reminder why he is one of the best fighters in the world.. Big thank you to his team, Oxford Shootfighters, his sponsors Pit Bull West Coast PL and his family for the continued support… if you want to watch his stellar performance you can watch the replay and the entire event here >>

Publiée par Mogul Management sur Dimanche 17 avril 2016


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