Powaga, Ray Sefo razem ze swoim bratem brali udział w zadymie widocznej powyżej. W środku posta cała historia naocznego świadka. Niestety po angielsku bo to naprawdę długi kawałek. Mimo tego polecam przeczytać, naprawdę warto 🙂

This is from user HITMAN FIGHTGEAR from the Underground. Respect!

ray and his brother went to the ufc to watch randy ray is now training at extream couture.

when they got to their seat a couple in front of them ask if ray was a fighter ray said yes i fight in k-1 the girls said oh yes i think i recognize you. they were a bit tipsy at this point.

so then the womans husband said he was also a fighter they were from iowa the man was wearing a team huges t-shirt. im sure he was the title holder in the alabama cage/rage/combat war zone-chamionships held at the veterans hall every month.

so anyways the fights start well anyone who has been to a live fighting event knows that their is a rythm to the stands kind of like catholic church. people stand up cheer boo and sitdown in a cycle. fight gets exciting stand up but the event is 4 hrs long so you dont want to stand the entire event so for the most part you sit down. untill it starts to get good or a guy is walkig out or whatever.

well this woman(used loosly in this case)and her man would not sit down they stood the entire event where yelling cuss words the entire event and i quess where constantly shadow boxing ?????? during the fights.

well when the person if front of you stands you cant see so you have to stand so does everyone in back of you so on so forth untill you are causing a 100 ppl to stand up for no reason fight is on the ground nothing really is happening.

also while this is going on the couple are getting sloshed drinking non stop.

so the people behind ray started to say sit down to the couple. after i guess the fist few fights everyone had had enuff of the standing yelling and shadow boxing. now ray is their with his brother directly behind the woman he is obviously very intersted in fighting and is trying to watch the event but now has a couple in front of him and people behind him yelling at them not really haveing a good tiime.

soooo he says to the couple can you pease sit down the people cant see and we aare trying to watch the fights.

the woman not so much the man i guess starts to turn around a tell the people saying sit down to “shut the FUCK UP” AND “FUCK YOU”

so they kind of take a break at this point remeber its a 4 hr event. but after a few they are back at it standing shadow boxing a yelling and cussing during the lulls it gets quiet at points in the event that is when the idiots usually like to yell so everyone can hear them and they can get the look at me im so witty funny and cool looks they so crave.

soo now i guess it got really fun for ray haha

the people in back of him have now had a few so now call of sit the fuck down you fat bitch and fuck you bitch and an ocasional ice cube are starting to fly. so now the couple start to stand up non stop and refuse to sit down. ray now a bit aggitated asks them to please sit down.

(quick interlude here ray really is very polite if you have ever spoken to him he is very overly polite a world traveler and has been allover the planet. now i know in the heat of the moment duringfights he has lost his temper but does seem to be very mature.)

ok so now the chick turns onray and say dont tell me what to do mother fucker. we paid 750 for these seats and no one tells me what to do

and fuck you and blah blah blah. so rays “little” brother says you better chill your woman out to her. man he responds with a fuck you.(guy was probaly 165 and on lower ground saying this to a guy 300+ standing on higher ground. you got to love alchohol lol.

and everyone behind ray and his brother now screaming “sit the fuck down you fat bitch” haha

so the main event is starting so ray wants to see it so he just chill says listen our friend is going to be fighting we really just want to watch the event can you please calm down and lets just watch the fights. the woman says fuck you we paid $750 for these tickets dont tell me what to do. so ray says (finaly getting pissed ) oh ya well we all paid $750 this is the 750 section so everyone paid the same as you and we all want to watch the fights and you are fucking it up. and if you want to talk like trailer trash them i am going to talk to you liek you are trailer trash.

so the fight is going on now (RANDY BROCK)so everyone is wathcing it well the woman tells her man he called me trailer trash (apparently a very bad name to call someone from the area they live lol) so she starts going balistic and yelling did you call me trailer trash remeber this woman has been throwing out mother fucker and fuck you all nite.shewont let up on her old man i guess “did you hear what he calle dme are you going to let him talk to melike that so on so on so on”

so the fight ends brock wins but no time to celebrate haha. team huges turns around and says did you call my wife trailer trash so ray goes yes she wants to act like trash i will talk to her like she is trash so now

the woman takes a swing at ray :0 haha

now i was sitting a section over and just happen to turn when the fights ends to my left as the guy in the next seat and me have been talking shit jokeing and high fiveing after all the fights we had a little bet on the fight i lost and i see a commotion in the stands all the lights in the arena are on now.

and what i see is the woman going at ray i had seen him earlyer. and bro i mean she is going at him fucking going crazy and the look on poor rays face was priceless he is justy in disbelief at what is happening he is slipping all of her punches but is not i repeat did not push swing or try to punch or push the woman he was slipping her slaps and punches and since she was below him she had to keep hopping up to try and get to him. and he has this half smile are you kidding me this is happening look on his face it was priceless man meanwhile rays brother is busy with team hughes. he is alternating between giving him little shoves. team hughes would fall back about 4-5 feet after each one and come back at the brother. so finnaly team huges gets a shot in on the brother this has been going on for like 15-20 seconds at this point and the entire section around the couple has emptied. so when he catches rays brother with a punch rays brother just cuffs him like you would a little kid open hand accross the side of the head

AND THE GUY FLEW ACCROSS THE ROW LOL so now the chick is just insane and goes at rays brother she grabs his shirt and her claws were all the way out and she starts to climb up ove rthe seat tearing at rays brother so the brother finaly has had enuff and pushes the girl but it was like watching a bear slam a child she went all the way down haha and broke a chair with her body. so now the husband comes back for more and somebody htis him HARD not ray but someone in the mix and he goes down but somehow comes back up.

so then what you see is the video kick in the woman is crying but gets up and her guy is still trying to come back for more lessons on how to eat punches to the dome.

and the crowd it was crazy kind of like how the kid in dazed and confused was saying about a fight upsetting the herd well the crowd turned on the woman and her man. and people started to jump on them. to STOP THE MADNESS!!!

so the guy in the affliction shirts grabs team huges in a choke hold from behind.

so now lets get to the cop i have know the guy for a few years he is cool as fuck trains at a well know mma gym in vegas and has a really good personality. trust me i have been on the wrong side of the law more than once and had to deal with dickhead cops. the thing you have to know is that those guys are dick heads regardless. the other cops think they are also. you cant lump them all together.

so he was on the floor in front of the tunnel at the bottom of the stairs. he hears the yelling turns and sees the section going nuts above him. he starts to run up the stairs now pull your heads out of your asses for this part ok.

when you run up stairs in a mma event after a 4 hr event their are cups and trash everywhere the floor is wet and bull shit everywhere. plus as the event is over you have people who try to charge out to beat the crowd so their are people on the stairs plus when i go up stairs i tend to look at them . just me i dont know how you do it.

so he is navigating all of this and finally get to to the row. and what does he see remeber he didnt see anything up to this point just a commotion in the stands he is the first officer ont he scene. and all he sees is one guy(AFFLICTION) on top of another guy(TEAM HUGHES) who is bloody and getting the shit choked out of him. se he went over and pulled them apart its hard to see but he actually gave a small tug and yelled at affliction guy but when he did not let go he pulled him of it was weird like he did a little tug the guy didnt budge so he just peeled him off and threw him ( if you have ever been in a fight you know you get quite a bit stronger faster and react quicker due to the adrenalin) he said he didnt mean to throw him but in the moment thats what happened.

also side note he said that affliction shirt was causing some trouble earlyer in the nite remeber the cops are sober and paying attention all nite looking for troublemakers.hard to belive a guy who jumps on a guys back and starts chokeing him in front of 10,000 plus people might be trouble i know but im thinking its a possibility at this point.

so anyways the cop threw him and then all the cops start to show up. and the party is over. well almost except for the crying the woman has now turned on the tears and is all sad because her man is being led out in cuffs all bloody and is basicly fucked up i was tol he had to go for stitches

so then everyone starts to yell to put the woman in cuffs and resounding ‘FUCK THAT FAT BITCH” hah the cops dont know what is happening and are trying to get everyone to the hall way to figure it out. now if you look at the first pic i posted you will see that ray his brother and the older guy with them are all makeing a very quiet exit stage left lol.

but when you are 2 mawlri guys from new zealand one of you wearing a bright yellow shirt and weighing in at 300 plus its kind of hard to blend. and remember when the woman went at rays brother well some people only saw that part.

like the part where the woman broke 1-2 chairs with her body.. haha

so they get stoped in the hall by the cops and a few people who didnt have the whole story. rays brother gets put into cuffs and pulled to the side. and here comes the rest of the party goers team huges, trailer park queen, and affliction man and also like 10 witnesses. ray and his brother. so everyone is pointing fingers at the woman and the cops say listen we have 2 choices we take everyone in right now and you all start pressing charges or no one presses charges and you all walk ( they got the story pretty straight at this point and where pissed at team huges and his tpq for their part) so they all just dropped it and everyone walked.


cop is not in trouble at all. he was totaly withing limits and had to end it right then now asking questions or figuring out who is who or whats what. everyone whith your dream scenarios of how to end a fight in an arena when not knowing how many people are involved whos friends with who or anyrthing except that a guy is getting fucked up and its obvious who is fucking up who in that second. i better stop that guy. the rest is blah blah blah

the couple is from oklahoma i am told was in vegas to get married and go to the ufc i hope the had a sweet honeymoon.

ray and his little brother well i think ray had it the worst the man has been all over the world fought in half the countries on the earth and honestly he could not wrap his head around how crazy this couple was. like he told me the next morning

“dan this woman…. she was crazy i have never seen someone so crazy”


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